December 16, 2016


'Back of the Class' Podcast 2016 Finale: Kanye & Trump, Too Short Interview

Welcome to Episode 45 of Back of the Class, Fuse’s hip-hop and pop culture podcast. Every week, we—Juan Cadavid, Esteban Serrano and Zach Dionne—hit the latest in rap music, movies, TV, comics, sports and whatever's popping within the realms of our eclectic tastes. To close out, we tell you what records we'll be spinning over the weekend.

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For this 2016 finale episode, we get into:

Kanye West meeting with Donald Trump
–what makes a Hottest MCs list credible
–a Too Short interview by Esteban
–the things we hope stay in 2016
–what we hope and expect to see in 2017

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