October 20, 2016


#TBT 2005: Jimmy Eat World Talk Hair Growth and Stadium Touring

Currently on tour promoting their ninth studio album Integrity Blues (out October 21), Jimmy Eat World have certainly been around for a minute. The legendary rock band shot to stardom with their 2001 single "The Middle" before dropping hits like "Pain" and "Work."

Stopping by Fuse back in 2005, lead singer Jim Adkins showed off his month-long growth of hair before discussing the pros of stadium touring. "It's a different dynamic. It's cool in a way because there's a lot more energy. It's an exciting thing," he explained.

The Arizona-based musicians also shared their affinity for Japan, whose fans clearly left an impression.

"We can see why there are some groups that just make careers out of going to Japan because they treat you very well. It's very well-run...great fans," they said.

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