October 14, 2016


'Back of the Class' Podcast: Lil Wayne's Book, Solange & Brief Chats With Two Metal Dads

Welcome to Episode 37 of Back of the Class, Fuse’s hip-hop and pop culture podcast. Every week, we—Juan Cadavid, Esteban Serrano and Zach Dionne—hit the latest in rap music, movies, TV, comics, sports and whatever's popping within the realms of our eclectic tastes. To close out, we tell you what records we'll be spinning over the weekend.

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This week we talk about...

Lil Wayne's new prison memoir Gone 'Til November and our favorite/most-wanted rapper books (at the 2:15 mark)
Solange's new No.1 album A Seat at the Table (11:20)
–the best guest-verse rappers (16:30)
–being metal frontmen and fathers to daughters, via excerpts of Zach's conversations with Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth and Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die (22:45)
–quarterback Colin Kaepernick starting for the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday (27:20)
–the election (33:30)
–Whatever Happened To...J-Kwon (37:40)
–our weekend listening plans (42:30)

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