September 12, 2016


Rob $tone on Writing 'Chill Bill' After Getting Arrested: Fuse First Interview

What's that familiar tune everyone's been whistling lately? If you've been paying attention, you're likely hearing Rob $tone's "Chill Bill," which is quickly blowing up in large part thanks to the irresistible whistle hook made famous by the Kill Bill movies. Fuse is proud to pick the San Diego rapper as our latest Fuse First artist and share more about the unexpected creation of the 21-year-old's hot debut:

"'Chill Bill' is the first song I ever put out. It's a wild story: That morning we made it, we were actually in he back of a police car. We ended up being let go because they didn't have anything to convict us with or anything. It was me, ['Chill Bill' collaborators] Spooks, J. Davi$, and Thommed Cruz. We were let out of the back of that police car, and when and wrote that song within the hour."

The MC adds that the experience was his "wake-up call," adding, "for me to be in this seat versus that police car that morning, it humbles me."

Watch the full interview above for $tone's favorite lyric, how he settled on his professional moniker and more on the hit single. Throughout the next month, tune in to see the "Chill Bill" video and lots more exclusive content with our new Fuse First artist Rob $tone on Fuse, and on the new Fuse TV app on Apple and Android. Find Fuse in your area with our Channel Finder.