August 24, 2016


Usher Used Jazz to Pump Himself Up for ‘Hands of Stone’: Interview

This Friday, Usher will unveil a new, bulked-up look in Hands of Stone, in which he plays the boxing all-timer Sugar Ray Leonard. Aside from all the physical training, how did the R&B superstar mentally prepare to step into the ring? With a lot of jazz, he tells Fuse.

“Before I studied Sugar Ray Leonard, I first and foremost started to study [boxer] Sugar Ray Robinson, and some of the music that he was listening to was jazz,” Usher explains. “I would jump-rope to jazz. Once I got in the ring, I would listen to a lot of hip-hop.”

Watch above for more on Hands of Stone, due out Friday (Aug. 26), including the physicality of the throwback boxing matches, and check out this throwback clip of Usher getting super excited for his debut on The Voice: