July 11, 2016


Tweet Talks Relationship With Missy Elliott, Unreleased Music: Video Interview

Tonight, Missy Elliott is being honored at VH1's Hip Hop Honors, which makes it return after six years off the air. When speaking with Tweet about her comeback album Charlene, we had to ask about her relationship with Missy, who helped break the singer initially with "Oops (Oh My)" and continues to collaborate with Tweet today, on cuts like Charlene standout "Somebody Else Will."

"My relationship with Missy and Timbaland, we're like family, we've known each other since '94," she explains. "I couldn't put out an album without them being on it so I called Missy up and I said, 'Missy, I'm doing this album, I need you on it.' She instantly sent me a few [songs], but when I heard 'Somebody Else Will,' I said, 'This is the one.' It was that record that I knew everyone would appreciate and celebrate us coming back with something after a long time."

Watch Tweet talk more Missy above, and then see below as the star tells us insider secrets on a few of her unreleased tracks, which song she wanted to get Andre 3000 featured on, and how we may be able to finally hear that elusive Love, Tweet album that never surfaced.