July 6, 2016


'The Kanye Effect' – Episode 5: Yeezy and Sneaker Culture

Welcome back to The Kanye Effect, our six-week digital miniseries exploring the many ways the hip-hop visionary has changed the game. Episode 5, "Sneaker Culture," features commentary from Mike B, a.k.a. the Prince of Fashion, YouHeardThatNew's Low Key, Alvin Blanco from Hip-Hop Wired and Fuse.tv's Zach Dionne.

Low Key sums up Kanye West's sneaker game like this:

"You look at the shoes and it's like, yeah, who else would it be? Jay's not gonna make a sneaker like that, T.I.'s not gonna make a sneaker like that, Wayne's not. It takes someone with the mental capacity of Kanye, negative and positive, to make a shoe that just speaks, 'This is my sneaker, and I'll be the only one to wear it and be fine with it.'"

Watch the video up top for the rest, and tune in next Wednesday for the final installment of The Kanye Effect. To hold you over, check out an episode about Yeezy's overall fashion fascination:

The Kanye Effect is created and executive produced by Esteban Serrano.