July 25, 2016


Grace Tried to Honor Lesley Gore With 'You Don't Own Me': Video Interview

Grace's breakout single also doubles as one of the most important pop singles of last century... that is, her remake of "You Don't Own Me" provides Lesley Gore's iconic 1963 track with a modern facelift. With rapper G-Eazy featured on the 2010s version and Quincy Jones helming both old and new, Grace had to walk a fine line between honoring Gore's vision and presenting her own voice to new audiences.

Watch above as the Australian singer-songwriter describes the process of making "You Don't Own Me" a revamped hit.

With her recently released debut album FMA, Grace has demonstrated that she can nod to the classics while relying on her own song-craft to soar. Watch her break down her soulful inspirations growing up: