July 15, 2016


Watch Good Charlotte Get Nostalgic About Their Come-Up During Our Interview

Good Charlotte's Youth Authority is out today, and there's no doubt that GC fans are getting a tad nostalgic for the early aughts when they're listening to the new release.

It's OK. They get nostalgic too.

When Good Charlotte stopped by the Fuse office to talk about their sixth album, they explained why the album cover plays a huge role in the history of the band. Artist Brian Montouri put together the artwork, piecing together years of old posters and zines the band had made to promote themselves when they were first starting out in small-town Maryland.

Looking at the album cover, you see snippets of their beginnings, and it's making them reminiscent about their early hustle. Here's what Benji Madden had to say:

One of the moments that I had with the album cover was I remembered how hard we worked when we were kids without any direction. It's not like we had an uncle who was in the music business. We came from a really small town so it really took me back to really how far we've come and how we really kind of threaded the needle.

Watch Good Charlotte explain more about Youth Authority below and read our complete guide to the album here.