July 29, 2016


‘She Fought For Us’: Inside The DNC During Hillary Clinton’s Big Night

In 2016, Fuse and Voto Latino have joined together for Crash The Parties, allowing two aspiring reporters to cover the 2016 Democratic and Republican National Conventions in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Arlene Santana has spent the week in Philadelphia for the DNC... and for the final day, she got predictions and reactions on Hillary Clinton's historic acceptance speech, with the help of a very special guest.

Watch above as Arlene is joined by fellow Crash The Parties winner James Villalobos, who traveled to Philly after spending last week in Cleveland for the RNC! The pair heads to the Wells Fargo Center for an inside look at the Democratic National Convention, and speak to Hillary supporters about why another Clinton administration is as promising as it is crucial.

Check out Fuse.tv and Crashtheparties16.com for all of our Democratic National Convention coverage, and congrats to Arlene and James on jobs well done! Watch highlights from Voto Latino's DNC event, highlighting their Brave campaign, below: