June 30, 2016


#TBT 2012: Watch Usher Get Super Excited For 'The Voice'

Three years ago, Usher made his debut as a coach on NBC's The Voice for season 4. And when we caught up with him in October 2012 before the show's premiere, he told Fuse about how much he wanted to WIN! I mean, that's the whole point of a competition, right?

For this week's episode of #TBT, we're remembering when Usher was fresh off The Voice tapings. Turns out, none of Usher's artists won that season, but when he returned for season 6, he was victorious when Josh Kaufman took the title.

Now, with two new singles out, and a spot on our Best Music Videos of 2016 (So Far), we're wondering if Usher is gaining momentum for another season of charming The Voice. Let's hope!

Listen below as we talk Usher's new music on the Pop Chat podcast: