June 27, 2016


PVRIS are Recording New Music in a Haunted Church

The most exciting bands are the kind that can't be gentrified, the acts that are a little bit of everything. PVRIS is that kind of band—half-Paramore, half-electronic pop—and it makes them a joy to talk to. 

We caught up with PVRIS at Firefly 2016, and frontwoman Lynn Gunn told us about new album White Noise and the band's strict art policy:

"We're very enthusiastic and passionate about providing the visual element of the band as much as the sound. It also kind of ties into the record, it's called White Noise, which makes you think of old TV static, TV screens. It also has the paranormal element...old black-and-white horror movies."

The band is getting ready to record a follow-up in a haunted church, which probably feeds into their goth aesthetic. Gunn explains:

"We found out it was haunted after we booked it. It'll be really cool. It's a completely renovated church that was turned into a studio... we're going to leave the mics on all night."

Make sure to watch PVRIS and more artists show us how to take the perfect selfie in the video below.