June 22, 2016


Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta Talks First Gig, First Favorite Song

If you're a professional musician, you never forget your first time performing live...usually because it's completely terrifying. We sat down with metal maven Jamey Jasta of the band Hatebreed to traumatize him into reliving his first time on stage. He told us:

"I was 13. We were a punk, hardcore-hybrid, weird type of band. This was early '90s so glam was on the way down, it was almost out. There was a glam band called Kid Wicked...we got the call the day before the show. 'One of the bands cancelled, do you want to play?'"

It dissolves from there, as you can imagine.

Jasta was kind enough to tell us about the song that truly changed his life, too:

"I would probably say Metallica 'One.' The video was so haunting. With my father being in Vietnam, what he went through, the imagery, just listening to that on the bus to school, that was such a heavy song. It made me want to go investigate other heavy bands."

Check out the rest of that clip below. Listen to "One" here.