June 29, 2016


Good Charlotte Returns: 'We're Independent Now'

Good Charlotte's comeback LP, Youth Authority, drops July 15...that's right around the corner! Not too long ago the pop-punk prodigies swung by our offices to talk about the upcoming release. Frontman Joel Madden let us in on their secret:

"'Youth Authority' is different from the past albums because I think we've gotten better as a band but also there were no rules on this record. We've never had the freedom, the complete freedom that we had on this record. We're independent now and we made this record on our own, free of any outside influence at all."

The conversation continues in the video below, where the band answer the question on the tip of everyone's tongue: After being a band for twenty years, how does being an artist change? Joel continues:

"The essence of it doesn't change. You just want to create music and you hope people like it. With Good Charlotte the fans are still teenagers. It's not like we've been promoting our music to them, but they have every record. You just played for 10,000 people in London and I'd say 95% of them were seeing us for the first time. It's such a trip."

Watch it below. When you're done, take our quizzes: Which Good Charlotte Song Best Describes You Life? and Are You More Benji or Joel Madden?