June 20, 2016


Rapper Pell Gives Fans His Personal Phone Number at Firefly 2016: Video

One thing we adore about the annual Delaware festival Firefly is the sheer eclecticism of it all. The same weekend Blink-182 blew our minds, we got to sit down with New Orleans rapper Pell to talk about his current musical direction. He told us:

"I'm kind of taking a step back from doing an album every year, just to focus a little bit more. I've been working on other things, entertainment projects. I feel like you have to recreate yourself in order to make it interesting...I feel like my music is timeless and I don't want to put something out and then put something out right after it. Right now it's about quality over quantity."

He also...gave us his phone number? Pell is no stranger to, well, talking with strangers, and his personal cell phone number is on all his social media platforms. Watch him talk about that in the video below.

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