June 15, 2016


Death Cab for Cutie Say They Aim to Record New Album With New Members in 2017: Watch

Death Cab for Cutie's most recent album, last year's Kintsugi, marked the band's first without founding member and lead guitarist Chris Walla joining them on the promotional run. While Kintsugi still brought the same warmth and comforting indie-rock sound fans have known to love from Death Cab, many are worried about what LP No. 9 will sound like as their first completely sans-Walla.

We caught up with Death Cab bassist Nick Harmer at Bonnaroo 2016, who pacified fans by saying the group's future is looking bright with their new guitarist/keyboardist/back-up vocalist Dave Depper and keyboardist/guitarist Zac Rae:

"We started the cycle losing a founding member of our band and had some big question marks about how and what it was going to be like to fill his shoes and continue on without him. We were lucky to find some really great players, and now really close friends...it's given us a lot more strength and energy and a lot more positivity looking forward which is then hopefully going to transition into the next record cycle. We'll make a record with them sometime next year."

Mark your calendars: New Death Cab record as early as 2017.

Harmer adds that new members doesn't necessarily mean an entirely new sound either:

"It still remains to be seen what kind of record we're going to make with Zac and Dave, but I'm really confident that the core of the band, creatively and certainly the songwriting core of the band with Ben [Gibbard] is intact. We're not prone to throw crazy curve balls at people; I don't think this next record is suddenly going to be a free jazz record where everyone had to redefine their relationship with our music and our band."

Watch the full interview above for more on Harner talking about how the Death Cab for Cutie has transitioned into a festival act, then below watch the bassist's emotional response to the events in Orlando this past weekend: