June 13, 2016


'The Crowd Is the Show': Flosstradamus Talk With Fuse at Bonnaroo

Fuse got to chill with some rad artists at Bonnaroo 2016, and among 'em were Flosstradamus, the Chicago hip-hop/EDM duo consisting of Josh "J2K" Young and Curt "Autobot" Cameruci. Get a preview of their insane stage setup in the video above, where J2K breaks down their live approach like this:

"The crowd is the show. We're giving it our all on the stage, but if the crowd's not engaged, then the show's a wash for us. So I feel like fortunately for us, people come to our set knowing that, and they get everyone around them involved and sucked into it."

Then you'll hear how the guys decided to go from both DJing to having Curt DJ while J2K MCs. "We have a better control over the crowd and it's a little bit more like a live show," J2K says. "So we're very direct with them, and if anybody's not giving their all, we'll call 'em out for sure."

Our video interview also has Flosstradamus talking about their HDY label—which stands for Hi Def Youth—and their first signee, watching other acts' sets at Bonnaroo, cultivating their own HDY Fest back on 4/20 in Denver, and their love for Chance the Rapper, who burned up Bonnaroo despite not even being on the schedule.

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