November 24, 2015


Ty Dolla $ign: "Saved" Was "The Most Irritating Video I've Ever Done"

In his recently revealed video for E-40 collaboration "Saved," Ty Dolla $ign gives off the impression that he's seated on a throne in the clouds surrounded by a bunch of angelic babes. It's a cool visual, but the "L.A." rapper-singer says it was "probably the most irritating video I've ever done."

"My chair was on the floor," he explains of creating the aforementioned heavenly effect. "All those girls were also the floor, there's all this fucking steam around and they're all chokin'. So, every time they're filming, all this smoke is there and everyone's holding their breath. As soon as they're like, 'Cut!' everybody gets up like, 'Oh, fuck!'" 

While Ty looks back on the experience with mostly positive feelings ("I hated it, but it came out crazy," he concludes), the singer-rapper adds that the difficult-to-shoot scene acts as a metaphor for his life:

"Think about my life, man, I'm always in the clouds. I"m always rolling up something... I had all these girls with me, I kept the real women that are about something, and the rachets? They gotta go! [Laughs.] I just want people around me that are doing something with their life and being productive. I don't need anybody that's trying to drag me down."

Watch the video interview above, and then check out the full "Saved" music video below.