November 2, 2015


Lil B in New Video "4 tha Record": "F--k the Weeknd"

Lil B, generally a fount of positivity and interstellar consciousness expansion, just took a minute to touch down on Earth and growl at the Weeknd. On the new song and video "4 tha Record," B jumps in early with, "Call me Lil Boss with that XO bars / Saying fuck the Weeknd, I can't sing that soft."

Then there's that no-love-lost refrain: "A lot of suckas fake, so I can't respect it / Fuck the Weeknd, put that on record."

"4 tha Record" comes from Lil B's upcoming mixtape Thugged Out Pissed Off. The video's sparse enough to amplify the Weeknd jabs even more; B's pretty much just hanging out with his phone and his Styrofoam cup, lazy-rapping on the corner and in front of a "We Accept EBT" sign.

On the outro, the Based God mutters, "I don't give a fuck if you singing, I don't give a fuck if you rapping / If you stealing swag, you stealing swag." Stereogum points out that this isn't a new standpoint for the Weeknd: