October 21, 2015


The Weeknd Drops Interactive Video for "The Hills" Eminem Remix

You no doubt heard that the Weeknd recently concocted two superstar remixes for his No. 1 hit "The Hills." No clip for the Nicki Minaj version yet, but Eminem's edition now has an official video.

The latest in a string of impressive, fiery Weeknd visuals feels like a video game and vibes nicely with those surreal (druggy?) Apple Music ads. It's a little less than two minutes long, but it lets you navigate 360 degrees with the tap of a button/click of a mouse. Abel himself is almost incidental here, a zombie onlooker to a flaming overturned automobile. ("The Hills" got its own non-remix video back in May.)

The clip for the Eminem-assisted "Hills" remix comes from Nabil, the innovative auteur behind pieces like Kanye West's "Mercy" and "Paranoid," Bon Iver's "Holocene" and "Towers" and Frank Ocean's "Pyramids," "Swim Good" and "Novacane." (Also: The aforementioned Apple Music/Weeknd ads.)

According to the YouTube credits, this one's "presented by" Apple Music, United Realities, Nabil and GoPro, the doodad which was presumably used to create the experience. You can watch it in ridiculously beyond-the-average high-definition, but your computer's gonna need to be pretty heavy duty.