October 7, 2015


Jack Black Made a 'Goosebumps' Rap Video

The decades-awaited Goosebumps movie is hitting theaters in nine days. One week plus two more days. It's unbelievable. We don't need anything to hold us over; the film's existence is already enough.

But today we get a treat anyway. The Nerdist and Jack Black—who plays author R.L. Stine in the very meta film—have teamed up to give us "The Bumps Gonna Goose Ya," a music video as retro as its subject matter. As befits all things '90s, the visual's got a bevy of scenes straight from the movie.

Jack Black's mostly here for the intro, outro and hook, with the majority of the Ninja Turtles–indebted rap coming from the Nerdist's Malik Forté. A goodly portion of the lyrical content is an amalgamation of Goosebumps titles, with it all staged against the corniest assembly of ghosts and Wicked Witch of the West cosplayers. "The bumps gonna goose ya," goes the refrain. "Buuuumps gonna goose ya!"

And now there's a Goosebumps dance, although the moves are not entirely clear. Anyway: Go scope out the trailer.