His Dream of Lions Premiere Hollywood-Ready "Danger Close" Video

The ascendant pop-rockers known as His Dream of Lions pulled their band-naming inspiration from Ernest Hemingway's 1952 classic The Old Man and the Sea. Is it any surprise, then, that the group's got a soft spot for an old-fashioned narrative?

The five-piece's new video, "Danger Close," premiering today exclusively on FM, is a short film in the shape of a longer, Oscar-nominated one. Three of the guys play runaway convicts chained together, dashing through picturesque fields, as the other two follow, the authorities, follow in hot pursuit. Is the vibe familiar yet? The band tells Fuse:

"We had been playing around with a couple different concepts for the 'Danger Close' video and nothing really felt right. We were in the studio tracking vocals on the song, and Ben, our producer, casually mentioned the idea of doing an O Brother, Where Art Thou? video. At first we brushed it off as a joke, but the more we sat with it, the more we realized that we could probably pull it off."