September 25, 2015


System of a Down Perform for 80 People in Brazilian Hotel Bar

Hard to stay humble when you're the type of band that plays for international crowds of 80,000 people, right?

Nah. Not if you're System of a Down. The gentlemen played Brazil's legendary Rock in Rio on Thursday night, and they warmed up with a little gig in front of 80 people at a hotel bar. It looks like the gang was without frontman Serj Tankian—unless that was just during this clip—but the energy was at the standard SOAD level while they ripped out "Toxicity."

The Instagram video comes from David "Beno" Benveniste, who manages System and the Deftones, who were also at Rock in Rio. Hashtags included #rare, #neverforget, #classic and #manager.

Recent news in the System of a Down world has included a team-up between bassist Shavo Odadjian and Wu-Tang abbott RZA, plus a powerful, meaningful performance at Québec's Amnesia Rockfest.