October 2, 2015


Miley Cyrus' New Song "Hands of Love" Is Here

Update (10/2): Miley Cyrus' song for the new film Freeheld, "Hands of Love" arrived overnight. Perfect timing, too, as the movie releases today. The song's incredibly rousing and tender, which sounds like just the right fit for this movie. Read on to learn more, including Miley's comments about the ballad.

Original story (9/14): Miley Cyrus may have just released her trippy Dead Petz album, but this year's VMA host has even more new music on the way.

For the upcoming movie Freeheld (which tells the story of a real-life lesbian couple who fought local officials for same-sex rights), Cyrus sings the song "Hands of Love" which plays during the film's ending credits. Get a taste of what sounds like a swirling, emotional ballad above in the trailer to the flick, starring Ellen Page and Julianne Moore.

In an interview with Time, Cyrus explained how the song perfectly blended her passion of singing and LGBTQ advocacy, saying, "People like to learn through entertainment. It's an interactive way to get people to hear your message by putting it in a song they like to listen to, or a film they want to see."

The tune was written by Linda Perry (the 4 Non Blondes frontwoman who's gone on to pen classics tracks for Christina AguileraPink and Gwen Stefani), who told Time she wrote the song immediately after she finished watching the movie. 

Freeheld made its premiere on September 13 at the Toronto Film Festival. "Hands of Love" will be released in full on October 2.