September 22, 2015


Chris Brown Drops Trippy, 9-Minute Video for Singles "Liquor" & "Zero"

Chris Brown is furthering the hype for his upcoming Royalty album by releasing an epic, nine-minute video to promote his latest singles. Instead of two separate releases, Breezy put "Liquor" and "Zero" into one major vid that's filled with trippy visuals and impressive dance moves.

The video opens with "Liquor," where Chris takes the chorus' lyrics ("There's something in this liquor, oh yeah / The air is getting thicker") literally when an admiring female slips something into his drink and the duo embark on a neon-filled rave adventure. The R&B-pop star looks a bit like a glow-in-the-dark monster here as his eyes glow neon yellow while he dances with his raver beauty.

The video transitions to Chris coming home to his apartment only to find his actual bae discovering his unfaithful ways and throwing his clothes out through the window. Cue the music to "Zero"; Breezy brushes it off and goes out for a dance-filled escapade to a laundromat with his boys. There's a lot of impressive choreography here, making "Zero" the much more enjoyable second half of the vid, which doubles as a lovely reminder of how CB is such a great dancer.

"Liquor" and "Zero" preview Chris Brown's upcoming album Royalty, scheduled for release this fall alongside a slew of other exciting LPs.