August 27, 2015


Disguised Miley Cyrus Asks Random People What They Think of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is no fool. She knows her pop reinvention (to the rest of us, it's called transitioning into adulthood) has made her a polarizing figure. She doesn't take any shit, and that makes people want to give her even more shit. The young starlet is currently preparing to host the 2015 VMAs, so she did what anyone in her position would do—with the help of Jimmy Kimmel, Cyrus rocked a disguise and headed to the streets of Los Angeles to ask random people what they think about her. (As Drake did before, to unbelievably good results.)

The first Kid Rock-channeling gentleman Miley informs about her VMA gig responds with, "That's cool, I guess. She's not one of my favorites. [I don't like] her style and her dad. I just don't like her whole family." Ouch!

Another guy claims to have no problem with the singer; he just prefers Taylor Swift. It escalates from there. If you need a refresher on Miley's crazy, creative spirit, check out these hot shots from her incredible Bangerz tour last year.