July 27, 2015


Watch Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill's Sexy "All Eyes on You" Video

Update (7/27): Alright, Team #Omeeka, it's here. In the full-length video for "All Eyes on You," Meek Mill carries his lady love Nicki Minaj, they make out, Onika tends to Rahmeek's waves and, for the finale, Nicki licks her man's lips. They also make riding a scooter look sexy.

When we saw the previews for the Dreams Worth More Than Money single, it wasn't clear if Chris Brown would show up. He did; he's in a hall someplace, singing the hook by himself.

Watch the "All Eyes on You" video above or via Facebook.

Original story (7/26): Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill's relationship has been under a slew of public scrutiny (are they or aren't they engagedIs she or is she not carrying his baby?), but the couple are putting their love out there for the world to see, if teasers from a new video shoot are anything to go by.

Onika took to Instagram to share some sweet, behind-the-scenes pics from the video of "All Eyes on You"—the single that could propel Meek to superstar MC status. We see the gorgeous couple looking like a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde as they chill in a cabana together. But we also get to watch them share the bathroom (above), with Nicki wearing a diamond-encrusted towel and him boasting gold chains. Neither scene is probably too far off from their everyday life.

There's no word on when the vid will drop, nor if featured singer Chris Brown will be pictured. (Not sure if we need that, but we do need him to not pop up in the creepy way he did for Nicki's "Only" video, on which he also sung the hook.) But when "All Eyes on You" is revealed in full, trust that Barbz are going to be watching the duo's chemistry very carefully.

To further hype up the vid, Nicki shared an adorable, personal clip of she and her bae in Hawaii together. While she captioned the clip saying, "This is NOT the video. It's a home video of us in Hawaii" it further shows the real love the rappers have for each other and makes us more excited for "All Eyes on You."