July 14, 2015


Jack Black to Haters: Kanye Is an "Asshole," And He's Talented as Hell

David Crosby can't STFU with his moldy uninformed opinions of Kanye West ("he creates nothing," dude? Really? That doesn't make a lick of sense) and neither can tons of older white rock artists. Fortunately Tenacious D hero Jack Black is a crusader for sense. On Conan on Monday, he riffed:

"It makes me mad that—it feels like everyone is really mean to Kanye West. And I'm sick of it, I've had it up to here. It's become the popular thing to, like, pile on Kanye. 'Ohh, everyone can agree that Kanye is an asshole, ha ha ha.' And I don't agree. Well, I do agree that he is an asshole...but I don't agree that he's not talented. 'Cause people put those together and they are wrong. He actually is reaaally talented. Yeezus is like the best album out there." 

When the crowd offers lukewarm applause, Black takes 'em to task: 

"Because he's a narcissist—I've thought a lot about this—it's the narcissism that kinda ruins the thing for people. 'Cause he says he's the best, they're like, "Eff you, then! If you say you're the best then I'm gonna hate your art!'" That's all I have to say."

Miguel would probably agree; if you're not being competitive and thinking your art's the best, then what are you even doing? (Unfortunately Frank Ocean got dissed as a side-effect, but hey.)

Once that bit of much-needed brilliance wrapped, Jack Black covered the Doors with...Boy George. You can watch it. It happened. Here, we'll prove it: