June 29, 2015


Big Sean Visits the '90s With 'Martin'-tastic Video "Play No Games"

Several pertinent numbers:

12: Songs on Dark Sky ParadiseBig Sean's third album, one of our favorites of the year so far
4: Months since Dark Sky Paradise was released
8: Dark Sky Paradise music videos to date
4: Number of Dark Sky Paradise music videos released in the last 10 days 

Conclusion: damn. Today's clip is "Play No Games," where Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign help Big Sean recreate Martin, Martin Lawrence's classic mid-'90s sitcom.

The color schemes, the pants, the jackets, the hats, the credits, the corny dissolves between scenes—this thing is completely dead-on. Martin approves, too, showing up in a pre-taped cameo at the end. Even series alum Reginald Ballard appears along the way, as his famous "Bruh-man" character.

This guy's been cranking out videos at an unthinkable pace, and more than a few have hinged on must-watch concepts. Last week's "I Know" had Sean and Jhené Aiko playing elderly nursing home residents determined to get down no matter how much they rely on canes and walkers. (It dropped the same day as the "All Your Fault video" featuring Kanye West.) "One Man Can Change the World," meanwhile, was a black-and-white heartbreaker about youth, death, hope, riot-geared police and urban decay. We're looking forward to seeing Big Sean's last few videos from the record, which we probably all be out by the time you get to this sentence.