May 8, 2015


Miley Cyrus, Laura Jane Grace and Joan Jett Just Slayed "Androgynous"

Just days ago, Miley Cyrus launched the Happy Hippie Foundation, a nonprofit aiming to "fight the injustices faced by homeless youth, LGBT youth and other vulnerable populations," with the Backyard Sessions. About a half-second later, Miley spoke about her refutation of gender and sexuality norms. (Money quote: I kind of wanted to be nothing. I don’t relate to what people would say defines a girl or a boy, and I think that’s what I had to understand: Being a girl isn’t what I hate, it’s the box that I get put into.”)

The debut Backyard Sessions performance video was Miley and Joan Jett rocking J.J.'s song "Different." Today things go up nine notches with a cover of the Replacements' 31-year-old song "Androgynous." Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace—who has spoken and written an album about her male-to-female transition—is front and center, flanked by Cyrus and Jett. Some of the lyrics the powerful trio passionately belt:

Now, something meets boy, and something meets girl
They both look the same
They're overjoyed in this world
Same hair, revolution
Unisex, evolution
Tomorrow who's gonna fuss
And tomorrow Dick is wearing pants
And tomorrow Janie's wearing a dress
Future outcasts and they don't last
And today, the people dress the way that they please
The way they tried to do in the last centuries

None of it's remotely over-serious, either. Joan Jett, Miley Cyrus and Laura Jane Grace look like they're having the time of their lives in Hannah Montana's back yard.

How long till the next Backyard Sessions clip? The caption on "Androgynous" (all these vids are premiering on Miley's Facebook, with its 47 million Likes) reads, "More #backyardsessions videos coming today!!" That's videos—plural. Hang tight. 

Update: Video Two's here! It's a take on "True Trans Soul Rebel," one of the centerpieces of Against Me!'s 2014 monument Transgender Dysphoria Blues. The cut also features the band's renowned drummer, Atom Willard:

Here's the original, incredible version of "Androgynous," from the Replacements' third record, 1984's Let It Be: