April 16, 2015


Watch Tame Impala Perform the Stunning "Let It Happen"

Tame Impala are only interested in taking things beyond the next level, all the way up to the moon, or maybe out to Jupiter. Their new single, "Let It Happen," reminded us of that a few weeks ago, when it completely reconfigured our brains upon impact. Now Kevin Parker & Co. have taken the single to Conan for a hazy, wavy, expertly executed performance.

Parker changes guitars halfway through, right around the same time he switches mics to start singing in a Daft Punk-in-the-late-'60s robo-voice. It's rad enough to help us forget that this live version is only half the length of the of the eight-minute studio odyssey.

Tame Impala's third album is titled Currents, it's got cover art that looks like a stolen Salvador Dalí, and it'll arrive later this year. In addition to "Let It Happen," we've also heard the top notch single "'Cause I'm a Man":