April 17, 2015


Fall Out Boy Lead Bizarre, Decadent Lives in "Uma Thurman" Vid

What would you do if you won a contest to be Fall Out Boy's assistant for a day? The video for the pop-punk band's latest single, "Uma Thurman," explores just that...turns out it would be pretty weird.

The clip begins with Sarah, the winner of the aforementioned contest, learning she's going to spend the next 24 hours with the American Beauty/American Psycho heroes. Sarah makes her way to Joe Trohman's mansion to pamper the guitarist, walk his zebra, feed him, read him a bedtime story, all that good, totally normal stuff. When assigned to bassist Pete Wentz, Sarah plays paintball, rides a mechanical bull and eventually destroys a truck with a tank. Like we said: just another day in the life of FOB.

Patrick Stump and Andy Hurley are surprisingly more tame. Hurley requires a workout buddy, Stump just wants to sing karaoke. The whole thing is pretty bizarre, even by Fall Out Boy standards—remember the absurdist music video for "Irresistible?" Near the end, at what appears to be an after party, some FOB buds join in on the fun, including rapper Action Bronson.

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