April 13, 2015


Man Takes Partner to 'Divorce Court' for Sleeping With Wu-Tang Clan

Here's a new one for ya! A couple recently appeared on Divorce Court regardless of the fact that they, you know, weren't actually married. While the story is strange enough there, it gets weirder. The reason this particular gentleman took his girlfriend to court is because she once had a wild night with Wu-Tang Clan.

How wild? The woman says she went backstage after a gig, got on the tour bus and kicked it with the guys until 7 A.M. When she finally realized how late it was, however, she says she hopped in her car and jetted to her boyfriend.

She goes on to claim that she was up so late because of quality conversation...the crew were discussing politics until the wee morning hours. Her boyfriend isn't as trusting, and claims the event wasn't so innocent. 

What do you think? That this is completely ridiculous? You wouldn't be wrong...watch the clip above.