March 2, 2015


Blink Fans, Rejoice! Hear Tom DeLonge's "I Miss You" Verse for 10 Hours

In pop-punk, there are few (if any) bands that rival Blink-182 (ok, Green Day gets a fair pass here.) One of the reasons for their success is just how damn recognizable and unique they are. Those palm-muted power chords, those dramatic bridges, and, of course, those voices. Fans of the genre can pinpoint bassist Mark Hoppus' deep croon and guitarist Tom DeLonge's nasally snarl. For the latter, no song is quite as iconic as "I Miss You," a single from the band's self-titled record.

In DeLonge's verse, we hear the mispronunciation of "head" as "ye-ad" and a few other distortions that give the song its classic feel. And if you're obsessed with it as much of the rest of us, you're going to love YouTube user Jonathon Herroon. He looped Tom's section of the song for ten hours. That's right, 10 hours.

You can now enjoy the best part of one of their best songs for almost half of an entire day. Think about it: You could go to work with this playing, and by the time you arrived would still be playing. Awesome!!!

Check it out above, but make sure to stop it after a while. You'll actually go insane.