February 5, 2015


Sam Smith Shares Poignant "Lay Me Down" Video

Sam Smith isn't one to shy away from tear-jerking video concepts. It began with the gospel-tinged "Stay With Me," and grew to new cinematic heights when he publicly revealed his homosexuality in the "Leave Your Lover" clip. "I'm Not the Only One," told with a similar discretion, followed the story of a marriage in turmoil. 

Today brings "Lay Me Down," possibly Smith's most heartbreaking video to date.

It begins with Smith in a church, singing in front of the altar. The camera pans past dripping votive candles that look like they've needed changing for days. When we first see Sam's front profile, it's evident that he's standing in front of a closed casket, bouquet and all.

Halfway through and the picture changes. Smith is once again at the front of a church, this time smiling as he prepares to marry an attractive gentleman. In the final scene, he sits in an empty church in the front pew, looking up as if asking for answers. In about four minutes, Smith takes us through love, death, and everything in between.