February 6, 2015


Watch Justin Bieber Visit a 16-Year-Old Burn Victim

Justin Bieber's looking to turn over a new leaf this year, recently telling Ellen DeGeneres he's not proud of a lot of the mischief he's gotten into over the past few years. (He's also volunteered for a Comedy Central Roast, which should be amazing.)

On Thursday, the Biebs took his new pos-vibes attitude the the TV show The Doctors, where 16-year-old burn victim Kilee Brookbank was sharing her story. (An explosion rocked her Ohio home back in November; more than half her body was seriously burned.)

During her sitdown with the show's hosts, Kilee was thrilled to find Bieber standing behind her with a bouquet and a smile. "The message I want to get out there is that you inspire us so much," Bieber said. "I think you inspire everybody in this audience, everybody across the world—you inspire me. I wanted to come here—I couldn't just do a video." Later, J.B. shared a cheek-smooching Instagram pic.

This wasn't the only surprise Bieber delivered this week. He also punked unsuspecting fans by pretending to be getting hot and heavy with Ellen DeGeneres in a bathroom stall.