February 5, 2015


Watch Justin Bieber & Ellen DeGeneres Scare Fans in a Bathroom Stall

Legal troubles almost all behind him, it looks like Justin Bieber is attacking 2015 with a fresh, fun-loving attitude.

After news came that the Biebs had willingly signed up for his own Comedy Central roast, he teamed up with Ellen DeGeneres to scare a few unsuspecting Ellen audience guests...in a bathroom stall. Yeah, it sounds just like something our weirdo college friends would do, and we love these guys for doing it.

Watch the hilarious video above as unsuspecting girls just looking to find an open stall walk in on Justin and Ellen pretending to be mid-makeout, singing Bieber hits, and just generally trying to creep out these poor women as much as possible. Some start fangirling out, while others think they've actually walked in on a scandalous moment and leave the bathroom entirely.

If this is the type of humor Bieber's incorporating into his 2015, we're very down for it.