January 14, 2015


Maroon 5 Crash A Ton Of Weddings In Their "Sugar" Vid

Flash mobs exist, but flash .... wedding bands? Yeah, that's a new one, and Maroon 5 are the first to attempt the stunt.

Adam Levine and his merry band of L.A. rockers took to the streets of their hometown with their instruments in tow, and set out to hit as many weddings as they feasibly could in the afternoon for the purpose of recording their "Sugar" video. 

They jump into slick convertibles with their gear, peel out and hit one function hall at a time with hilarious results. The crew comes in, sets up the stage in a flurry while the wedding receptions and families look on absolutely perplexed as a curtain is raised on a modest platform. The curtain falls, and Maroon 5 surprises everyone with an impromptu performance. 

Basically, they "Sugar"-bombed a bunch of newlyweds, and the expression on the brides' faces? Priceless. Watch the hilarious clip above.