November 24, 2014


Mark Ronson Talks Special Guest Features on New Album

Mark Ronson stopped by Trending 10 today to chat with host Bridget Kelly about his upcoming fourth studio full-length album, Uptown Special. Watch the full interview above!

Just a week after the release of his new single, "Uptown Funk," a feel-good tune which features vocals from Bruno Mars, it's undeniable that Ronson is on fire. The English musician / singer / DJ / super-producer told us about what inspired his new album and who he worked with.

"I spend so much time DJing hip hop clubs in New York, and all that music–funk, R&B, soul, disco–I feel it's all the same thing," Ronson says, before detailing some of the guests on his album. "You have the songs with Bruno, Mystikal, Kevin from Tame Impala is on there, A$AP Rocky...this guy Stevie Wonder plays harmonica. Which that's so wild, that I even get to say that. He's my favorite musician ever and he's playing on the record."

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