November 3, 2014


Daily Clip: November 3, 2014

Rita Ora didn't have a great weekend on Twitter. 

On Halloween, the songstress tweeted that if she received over 100,000 retweets on a specific tweet, she would drop a brand-new song–but that tweet was deleted only an hour later, after garnering only 2,000 or so RTs. 

Did Rita get spooked by the lack of response and call it off? While it may seem that way, the British singer claims that she was actually hacked, and that someone is threatening to release her new music without her permission. 

After promising that a new song would come out when she was ready, she let the matter drop–but this Twitter fiasco has hardly died down as so many people are talking about it. Watching the Trending 10 daily clip above to get Esteban Serrano and Dan Brown's thoughts on the matter, and feel free to weigh in with your own theories in the comments below. Don't miss new episodes of Trending 10 weeknights at 5/4c! Find Fuse in your area.