November 24, 2014


Trending 10's Best Moments on the Scene

Two years of a daily TV show is...a lot of episodes. So we don't blame you if you don't remember the time Fuse hosts Dan Brown and Esteban Serrano took to New York City streets trying to raise money to buy Wu-Tang's new secret album

Or the time Zuri Hall underwent a makeover to recreate one of Beyoncé's iconic looks. Or that day Katie Van Buren asked random people what they were listening to on their iPods or what their favorite song of the summer was. 

Oh, and don't forget Dan's adventure to Comic-Con, where, decked out as Indiana Jones, he interviewed a ton of celebrities about their latest work. We've compiled all that–and more–into a highlight reel of sorts, remembering some of Trending 10's finest moments outside the show's Fuse studios headquarters. 

Watch the full video above, and tune into Trending 10's final two episodes today and tomorrow at 5/4c. Find Fuse in your area.