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November 11, 2014


Joe Budden Talks 'Shady XV,' Slaughterhouse's Love for Shady Records

The ultra-anticipated Shady XV compilation album marks an important milestone in hip hop in celebrating the 15-year anniversary of Eminem's Shady Records label. As a solo MC and member of Shady's rap-supergroup SlaughterhouseJoe Budden has spent over a decade not only watching his career grow, but also the genre as well. We caught up with the Jersey City native just a couple of weeks before the drop of Shady XV.

"We're all really happy to be a part of it," Budden says of the release. "I, for one, am extremely blessed to be a part of such a consistent, dominant label [with] a label head who's one of the greatest MCs who has ever graced the microphone."

Budden lists eras from Eminem and 50 Cent as some of Shady Records' most defining moments.

"Eminem's 'Rock Bottom' did a lot for me," he says. "Marshall Mathers LP, classic album. 'Lose Yourself,' I think, is one of the greatest hip hop songs ever made. The entire 50 wave, that will go down as one of the greatest waves in the history of hip hop. There's been so many moments."

But Budden says that the one moment that stands out to him personally is none other than working on Slaughterhouse's debut LP under the label, Welcome to: Our House.

"Our album, that was a big moment," he reflects. "Big moment for me, big moment for the group. Just all the work and time and energy that went into making that album. Watching Marshall dedicate his time, as devoted as he was to that project, it was all great. It was a real family-like environment."

Watch the full interview above for more on Budden's favorite Shady memories. Check out everything you need to know about Shady XV in our complete guide.