November 20, 2014


Action Bronson, CHRVCHES & More Share Their Best Holiday Gifts

With the holidays quickly approaching, we thought we'd ask some of your favorite musicians to list the best gifts they've ever received. From skydiving tickets and cars to embarrassing sweaters and socks, here's what they had to say:

Joe Budden: "When it comes to holiday gifts, I'm so low-maintenance. I enjoy the small things. Give me some socks, some boxer briefs, tank tops, t-shirts, things that, like, every man really needs and wants and likes. That'll do it."

Aaron Bruno (AWOLNATION): "The best holiday gift I ever received would probably be my first surfboard. That may have been my birthday but I can't remember... Just for the sake of this topic I'll say it was the best holiday gift."

Monica Heldal: "Around 12-years-old I got my first acoustic guitar for Christmas from my parents."

Lauran Mayberry (CHVRCHES): "I'm a fan of a ridiculous Christmas jumper. It had a picture of two reindeer and it said 'All I got for Christmas was two lousy bucks.' I love a good pun."

Chris Zasche (The Head and the Heart): - "I had tickets to the Seahawks game and for Christmas my brother in Chicago sent me freeze-dried Chicago dogs. We tailgated with actual Chicago dogs in Seattle."

Action Bronson: "I get the same present every year: Socks." 

Jim Eno (Spoon): "My mom got me acne wash. It was great." 

Tiffany Lamson (GIVERS): "When I was seven my mom surprised me with these little play horses that I'd been coveting for a really long time. She forgot to give it to me so I was really upset on Christmas Day. Then the next day she found it, pulled it out. I was the happiest a kid could ever be." 

George Sheppard (Sheppard): "In Australia, 14 is the legal limit that you have to be to be able to go skydiving. My parents gave me that ticket. That was literally the best gift I've received in a long time apart from a car. That was nice, too."