November 24, 2014


Eminem & Sia's "Guts Over Fear" Banks on Boxing & High Drama

UPDATE (11/24): For a song that reveals the inner workings of Eminem's mind and heart on a level we've never seen before, "Guts Over Fear" touches on some troubling, universal themes about giving up, feeling down and out and confronting a sense of helplessness when facing adversity—and getting through it all. The video is a gorgeous and gut-wrenching visual foil for the intense emotional turmoil of the track, and Em and Sia have really outdone themselves with this five-minute epic.

In the clip for "Guts Over Fear," a boxer is struggling to get by in Michigan with an alcoholic father, a stack of bills that need to be paid, a frustrated girlfriend and a terrible dishwashing job that keeps him away from his time at the gym. Slowly, everything in the boxer's life starts to unravel, his dad gets arrested, he loses his job and he fights with his love. He turns to the ring for a huge match, and we're left wondering if he gets his big break or if he winds up with a broken face. 

Eminem pops in throughout the narrative, while Sia's represented by the lovely Chantelle Brown-Young (of America's Next Top Model fame) sporting the singer's trademark blonde bob. Watch "Guts Over Fear" above, and pick up Shady XV today. 

Original Story: Eminem may duke it out in his verses (and at the expense of a pop star or two), but Slim Shady is taking the verbal beatdown to another level with his and Sia's new video for "Guts Over Fear."

The collaboration was the first track to surface upon the announcement of Shady XV's imminent arrival, and the dramatic single, which pits Em's furious rhymes with Sia's otherworldly vocals, deserves a video just as memorable and engaging. They've enlisted the help of a boxer, from the looks of it, and the brief snippet of the video we've seen tells a much bigger story.

In the clip, a fighter rocks a "Shady XV" robe while the tension builds in between his warm-up punches: In a mere 15 seconds, we go from training montage to intense flashbacks of family disputes and lots of seething, searing rage. There's a lot to take in, and it leads us to believe that "Guts Over Fear" is going to be one epic drama disguised as a music video.

Stay tuned for the full visual, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on the "Guts Over Fear" teaser and throw the song on repeat before Shady XV drops on November 24.