March 9, 2016


Faith Evans Remembers the Notorious B.I.G.: 'He's Still the Greatest to Me'

2014 was a big year for Faith Evans: In addition to celebrating the release of her Incomparable album, it's also the twentieth anniversary of late husband the Notorious B.I.G.'s iconic album, Ready to Die. Like "everyone else" at the time, she was enamored with Ready to Die from the jump:

"When Ready to Die came out, I was listening to it just like the rest of the world. When most of that album was recorded, it was before [Biggie and I] met. I think he was with Puff, because Puff was still at Uptown [Records]. Prior to working on my project, I was working on a bunch of other projects that Puff had going on, so I wasn't in his sessions like that. When I heard it, I was just like everybody else: I was like, 'Wow, this is dope!' I knew he was awesome, but I hadn't heard the album. I probably heard 'One More Chance,' which I had to sing on the remix, but that was really it. I was like the rest of the world. I just happened to be married to him! (Laughs) It's crazy. I'm sure there are youngsters that've heard it for the first time recently that can certainly agree. It sounds like it very well could've been released right now. His style is still so ill. He's still the greatest to me."

Evans adds that she's further reminded of her late husband via her song, Christopher Wallace Jr. who boasts the same looks, humor, and even allergies as his dad.

And while Faith may have made some serious moves in the '90s as an R&B powerhouse, but don't think for a second she's leaving her music (or her glory days) in the past. "I'm still considered [to be] kind of old school, you know what I'm sayin'," she began. "But my album Incomparable is very fresh, and very new, and on November 24, they'll understand why R&B hasn't gone anywhere!"

Evans' new record is a concept album, and it treads on some personal ground. "It's basically the story of my romantic love life post-divorce, making the decision to not have to wait to be married again to enter into some sexual activity, if you know what I'm sayin'!" she told Fuse in this exclusive interview. The album (which features her Missy Elliott/Sharaya J collaboration "I Deserve It") embraces this theme beyond the lyrics. 

"Not only do the songs themselves tell the story, but the sequence of the album and the [song] titles, I kind of laid it out into a story."

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