October 5, 2014


Chvrches Talk New Single "Under the Tide," Album at Last 2014 U.S. Festival Date

Thanks to their non-stop touring grind and excellent The Bones of What You Believe debut album, Chvrches have grown from blog favorites to top-billing festival act. As the promotion cycle for the record ends, the Scottish trio tell Fuse why their Austin City Limits 2014 appearance is "hands down, the best one yet" and what's coming next.

"We're coming down to the end of the [album] cycle so generally on a gig day, we don't have a lot of promo anymore," begins singer Lauren Mayberry of their ACL 2014 plans aka their last U.S. fest for the foreseeable future. "So, you can go see something in the city or sit down and try to write a song. I guess that's a better head space-wise. You have to put in the work when it's time to put in the work, and then when you get to this point, you get to enjoy the breathing space."

But the band has new single "Under the Tide" hitting radio to keep fans from missing them too much. "Because it's quite dance-y it has a really nice dynamic," says synth/bass player Iain Cook. "The verses are quite laid back and the choruses are punchy, it gets people jumping up and down. It's a great to play live."

The trio add that they're in the early stages of their follow-up album. "It will be all about the songwriting first and foremost," Martin Doherty says. "How we're dressed will really depend on how we're feeling as we record the album, what inspired us at the time—whether it's music from 50 years or from a minute ago. We don't really know exactly how the album is going to sound on the whole yet, and I'm quite excited about that, it's more fun that way."

Hurry back soon, guys.

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