October 4, 2014


Jack Antonoff Shares His Strangest Desire at Austin City Limits

When he's not touring with fun. or hanging out with impossibly cool girlfriend Lena Dunham, Bleachers' Jack Antonoff is touring, and endlessly. We caught up with the musician at Austin City Limits to talk compulsions, telethons and more.

"I love this festival. I love Austin. My first tour ever when I was fifteen when I borrowed my parents' minivan to go on tour, I booked a show at a place called Beerland which is still here," the singer told Fuse host Esteban Serrano. "It's so cool to play a festival like this after playing so many small clubs then bigger shows and just kind of working my way up in a town like this."

The man has definitely earned his keep. Bleachers debut full-length, Strange Desire, dropped earlier this year so we had to ask: What's his strangest desire? "I have a lot of clean ticks and habits like the amount that I have to wash my hands. I don't like touching things. I can go an entire day without touching anything besides, like, my own body," he explained. "I kind of like moving throughout the whole world in my shell." Keep Austin Weird?

Antonoff's latest video for the second single, "Thank You Very Much," takes place as a telethon… not necessarily the most up-to-date technology. "The idea came from almost doing the opposite of what's going on now. I feel very much like the last thing the world needs is another hashtag, twitter, instagram campaign. Nothing wrong with those things but trying to do those things different," he explained. "Thinking about when I grew up in the '90s, there were telethons, there were hotlines and weird crap. People would find out about something before it went wide. We did this fake telethon where we played songs and we talked to guests and we took calls and it went on public access television, like, real public access TV all over the country at midnight on release night. All these random people saw it at this random time before it went online the next day. In an age when everything goes wide so quickly, trying to find that moment before it goes wide and you can have something special."

Watch the full interview above and check out the rest of our on-the-ground ACL coverage here!