September 18, 2014


Rae Sremmurd Want You to Have a Good Time With Their Positive Hip Hop

Hip hop brother duo Rae Sremmurd haven't been around for very long. The 19-year-old "Swae Lee" Khalif Brown and the 20-year-old "Slim Jimmy" Aaquil Brown started the project just last year. In that time the boys have scored a viral hit with "No Flex Zone" (catching the attention of Nicki Minaj and Pusha T) and a record deal with Interscope. Their secret? Being different! 

"A lot of new artists these days, they want to do the same thing," Khalif explained. "They want to go ‘I come out with them guns, I push your head with that—‘ you know what I’m saying? Everybody wants to be that. Everybody’s not doing that. There’s other stuff going on in the hip hop community. We’re trying to show that we still have culture. We still have new stuff. It’s not all negative. There’s still good things making it universal."

For Sremmurd, positivity is the name of the game. "We always wanted to give the crowd something good to see, give them a show. We didn’t want to come in, like, bored, and we didn’t want to come off as dull. We want [you] to have a good time and just vibe with us, feel our energy," Khalif told Fuse.

Their energy, it seems, has it's own philosophy. There's "Sremmdirection," which means endless possibility. "I say we have no limits," Aaquil begins. "I wouldn’t try to place a limit on myself." Khalif agrees, "Who knows? We might do a country song one day but we’re going to put our twist on it. It’s going to be like a twist that Rae Sremmurd has created. It’s going to be something new. It’s going to sound fresh."

Then there's "Sremmlife," which is equally as heartwarming. "Sremmlife is family; Sremmlife means riding in the front seat, safe sex and paychecks, of course," Khalif said. "Just living the good life being you, waking up every day with a smile, feeling good. Everything's good."

Watch the exclusive interview above.