September 30, 2014


TV on the Radio and Pee-wee Herman Break The Speed Limit With "Happy Idiot"

Who knew that "I'm a happy idiot/waving at cars" would be a lyric that could inspire such a surreal, cinematic play-out?!

TV on the Radio just released the video for "Happy Idiot," and it's got some serious star power featured in it, along with a sick set of wheels. Paul Reubens—aka Pee-wee Herman—stars as Racer Steven, a speed junky trying to recapture the glory of life behind the wheel. He and Sky Blue, his gorgeous racer, take off for a desert drive, and they're met with a few familiar faces along the way.

TV on the Radio stand trackside in gleaming white suits throughout "Happy Idiot," while Karen Gillan attempts to catch Racer Steven's eye with a variety of poses. (We'd say you'd probably recognize Gillan from Guardians of the Galaxy, but she looks waaaay different in "Happy Idiot" as she's not, well, blue.) She hoists up wedding cakes, holds bright bouquets of balloons and flails her arms around, but Racer Steven isn't deterred from the task at hand. 

"Happy Idiot" is the first single off TV on the Radio's forthcoming album, Seeds, out November 18.