September 2, 2014


Watch Jhene Aiko's Childish Gambino-Directed Video "The Pressure"

Jhene Aiko just shared the music video for her latest single, "The Pressure," a full week before the drop of her debut full-length album Souled Out. Directed by Childish Gambino, the clip highlights Aiko's breathy, soulful R&B. "The Pressure" tracks the trials and tribulations of life: friendships, motherhood, romantic relationships—the whole shebang. 

The video floats around a dimly lit Aiko, her soft vocals carrying the camera through a series of vignettes. There are scenes of the singer drinking beer and eating pizza with her friends, enjoying an herbal refreshment with a gentleman friend on a couch, writing songs and playing with her child. The scenes begin to tick up the tension, with friends fighting, lovers leaving and Aiko sending her child off to celebrate a birthday without her. 

Eventually our starlet is alone, fading out into the pressure. The video is as bleak as it is powerful. 

Watch it above!